Thailand’s biggest beach resort destination is growing from Asia’s Sin City into one of its most popular destinations. Once a famous R&R hangout¬†for Vietnam War soldiers, Pattaya has developed over the past 45 years into one of Thailand’s biggest tourism magnets, boasting a variety of decent beaches, hundreds of great hotels, some of the world’s most exciting nightlife and a convenient location less than two hours from Bangkok’s main airport.

What is there to do in Pattaya? Plenty, especially if you’re visiting for the weekend. Our 48 Hour Guide covers the best things to do in Pattaya over the weekend in a quick, simple bullet point list format, letting you pick and choose your favorite options for your next trip:

  • Get in by taxi from Bangkok. It’s much faster than traveling to Pattaya on the bus, far more comfortable and barely costs 1,500 baht each way. You’ll thank yourself once you run into traffic in air conditioned comfort instead of the crowded bus seats.
  • Choose your hotel carefully. Not all hotels in Pattaya allow guests, meaning you could find yourself stuck out of your room if you meet someone while enjoying the nightlife. This list of Pattaya guest friendly hotels¬†(another, more detailed list here) is a good reference if you plan on enjoying the nightlife to its full extent.
  • Make the most of the beachside environment. There’s more to Pattaya than just the nightlife, and you’ll have a much better time if you make the most of the city’s famous surroundings. Go sailing, relax with a seaside drink at Siam@Siam Hotel and make the most of being close to the ocean.
  • Need a change of pace? Visit Jomtien. This smaller, less crowded beach just to the south of Pattaya is a nice change of pace from Pattaya’s overly crowded and busy beach, making it an excellent option if you want to get away from the hustle, bustle and nightlife to enjoy a beach that’s just as developed but less commercialized.
  • Test your Mario Kart skills. Pattaya is home to one of Thailand’s best go kart tracks, with a variety of karts for racers of all abilities. The karting track is one of the best things to do in Pattaya if you’re traveling with your family.
  • Get a great Western meal. Pattaya has one of the best selections of Western restaurants you can find in Thailand outside of Bangkok, with everything from Belgian steakhouses to great Italian food and freshly brewed beer. Try Hopf Brew House around 8 to 9pm for a fun opera show.

What do you like to do in Pattaya? Let us know your favorite activities in Pattaya and we’ll add them to our next 48 Hour guide.